5 Easy Ways to Look Tall in Flats

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5 easy ways to look tall in flats

I’ve mentioned this before, but my primary concern when getting dressed is comfort. Sure, I like to look nice, but if something doesn’t feel good, odds are I’m not gonna wear it. That goes for stiff dresses, tight jackets, ultra-skinny jeans, and even heels. They may make me look like a million bucks, but I’d rather ditch the pain and go on my merry way. My rule of thumb? If I can’t walk my dog in it, then I don’t want to wear it.

So here I am, a petite blogger who hates wearing heels. What’s a little lady to do about that? Well, if you’ve been reading along for a while, you already know a slew of tricks to help make you look taller, but I want to share a few more that focus specifically on those times when you just want to slip on a comfy pair of flats. I’ve got five ideas to help you fake a little extra height, so read on!


 Source: Carly the Prepster Source: Carly the Prepster

Pointed-toe shoes work wonders for making you seem taller. They create the illusion that your legs extend a little longer than they really do. Rounded toes, on the other hand, stop you short. The only thing I would add? Don’t get crazy with the point—if it’s too long, your dad might call them elf shoes (like mine. Hmph).

2. SHOW SOME SKIN (on your feet)

 Source: Kelly in the City Source: Kelly in the City

I know I tend to harp on it, but showing a little skin here and there is a kickass way to make you seem taller. Spring for a pair of flats that reveals more of your foot—ballet slippers and most sandals are great for that. While I do love me some loafers, they aren’t really the best choice for maximizing leg length.


 Source: Poor Little It Girl Source: Poor Little It Girl

This is one of my favorite illusions. When you wear shoes that closely match your skin tone, it makes people think your legs are super long. Nude flats make it appear as though your legs simply carry on and on. Now, don’t go throwing out those ah-dorable red ballet flats, but just keep in mind that the nude ones have a little secret superpower.


 Source: Kelly in the City Source: Kelly in the City

I’m not saying there needs to be a D.A.R.E. program for ankle straps, but they can be a bit unhelpful for petite ladies. Ankle straps cut off your leg right at the ankle, which can make you look a little stumpy. The exception to this is nude flats with ankle straps. Wear those all you want!


 Source: The Golden Girl Source: The Golden Girl

Like I said in point 2, showing some skin is always a good idea for stretching you out. Think cropped pants, shorts, and mini skirts here. You pair flats with those pieces and everyone will be like, “Wow, look at them gams!” (I mean, if this were a 1940s musical.)

Want to look taller but not willing to sacrifice your comfort? Me neither. Just remember these five tips and you’ll be golden!


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Author: Devinne Stevens

  • Thank you for your very nice well written article. I think that flats are the best for women that don’t feel comfortable with wearing high heels. Flats represent our female nature and make us feel better with ourselves.

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