The 5 Best Brands for Petites

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Cami: Nordstrom XS (runs TTS—I should have gotten a small!) | Shorts: Madewell 27 (definitely size down) | Shoes: Vince Camuto (old, but check out this and this) | Bag: Madewell (old, but check out this bag)

Until very recently, I didn’t view petite clothing as that important for me. (Yeah, I seriously cringed after writing that.) Sure, if a brand had a dedicated petite section, I would take a look, but by and large, I was content to buy straight-sized clothing. I didn’t care if the clothes fit quite right because as long as they were cute, who cared about how they looked on me? Right? RIght? Eventually (thankfully), I realized how important it is to wear clothes that fit properly, and I became a petite fashion warrior. These days, with few exceptions, all my clothes are petite, and you can bet I know where to get all the good stuff. Here are the top five best brands for petites!

best brands for petites chicago petitebest brands for petites chicago petiteANTHROPOLOGIE

Last winter when I was in Connecticut, I went to the country’s largest Anthropologie, and I got to experience a whole floor of petite clothes. It. Was. Heaven. I love Anthropologie because they have such a unique selection. It’s where you go when you want to give your wardrobe a little shakeup. Fun prints, quirky details—it’s all there. Now, I do have to point out that most of their brick-and-mortar stores don’t carry petite sizes, but you can find a hefty selection online.


best brands for petites chicago petitebest brands for petites chicago petiteJ. CREW

I am a huge fan of preppy clothes (despite being a staunch goth chick in high school), so I’m constantly drooling over their new arrivals. Because their aesthetic is so classic and tailored, J. Crew would be one of the best brands for petites even if they didn’t have a dedicated petite section. But, thankfully, they do! This is a great place to get cornerstone pieces like button-downs and trousers, but they also have lots of fun dresses, tops, skirts, and shoes.


best brands for petites chicago petiteLOFT

LOFT is another great place to stock up on wardrobe staples, but I usually shop here for fun additions to my closet. I love that LOFT occasionally experiments with trends but they always do it in a way that stays true to their classic and feminine style. In particular, their dresses are fantastic—they’re chic, flattering, and fit just right.


best brands for petites chicago petitebest brands for petites chicago petiteMADEWELL

This isn’t a brand you were expecting, is it? I’m crazy about Madewell’s casual-but-chic aesthetic, and while they don’t have a petite section, I can confirm that short girls can get away with a lot of their clothes. All of the tops I’ve ever purchased have fit well—they run short, which is great for us! Also, they recently started rolling out jeans in shorter lengths. Finally! I was getting sick of seeing Tall and Taller denim.

best brands for petites chicago petite

best brands for petites chicago petiteNORDSTROM

The very first website I visit when I’m ready for a shopping spree is Nordstrom. Not only does it carry petite-friendly brands like J. Crew and Madewell, but they also have a decent selection of their own in-house petite clothing. Any style, any size—it’s probably here.


So that’s my list of the top 5 best brands for petites! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

best brands for petites chicago petitePhotos by Nicole Jansma

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