Easy Spring Outfit + 3 Tips for Looking Taller

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easy spring outfit chicago petite

Hat: Old (but check out this and this) | Top: Madewell (also old, but check out this and this) | Jeans: Old Navy (say it with me—old!—but check out this pair) | Shoes: Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn (they don’t make them in orange anymore, but check out this similar green pair) | Scarf: Madewell (again, old, but here’s almost the same one)

I think I can finally say it: spring has officially arrived in Chicago. The trees are filled up with green leaves, and flowers are sprouting up all over the place. My dog Moxie is having a total blast—not only does she love sniffing all the interesting botanicals, but all this fresh grass is so fun to roll in!

Now that I’m no longer trying to hide from the weather in my giant parka and heavy-duty snow boots, it’s time to ring in the season with an outfit that I culled together from my favorite, tried-and-true pieces. Want to give this look a whirl? Read on for the perfect easy spring outfit formula!

easy spring outfit chicago petite


Does it get any easier than a t-shirt and jeans? Nah, I didn’t think so! First, let’s talk about the tee. I’m wearing an old one from Madewell that I love so much it’s starting to fade (thank goodness for PhotoShop!). Know why I love it so much? Instead of being a plain old tee, it’s got a cute ruffle along the waist. Something I always like to do when I’m buying classic pieces is making sure they have a little something extra to keep it from being boring!

Now, the jeans! I love the idea of bringing out ripped jeans for spring. They’re so comfy and casual, plus they’re a cool alternative to ordinary skinny jeans. I really like this pair from Old Navy because they’re really comfortable and they come in petite sizes—which means the knee holes are in the right place!

With this easy spring outfit, feel free to go all-out with the accessories. I’m wearing a trusty old fedora, a bandana, and burnt orange booties that get me more compliments than anything else in my wardrobe—but the sky’s the limit here, girl! Pair this outfit with a jean jacket (yeah, denim on denim is totally okay!) or try wearing it with a pair of sky-high platform sandals. Whatever it is, have fun with it!

easy spring outfit chicago petite


Want to know what makes this outfit so petite-friendly? Well, here are three easy guidelines I followed when getting dressed!


I don’t tend to wear any colors from head to toe, but what I do like doing is wearing pieces that are in the same shade. Dark jeans and a black tee do the trick just fine!

easy spring outfit chicago petiteWEAR FORM-FITTING OUTFITS

I don’t mean that you have to wear skin-tight clothes, but as a petite lady, it totally helps to wear things that skim the body. I like this tee because it sits close to my body and just barely flares out around my waist to hide my tummy. Of course, I always always always go for skinny jeans—they’re a short girl’s best friend!

easy spring outfit chicago petiteMAKE YOUR CUFFS NARROW

Narrow cuffs are key when you’re wearing skinny jeans. Because most jeans are much lighter in color when you cuff them, you want to make that strip of color as slim as possible to avoid breaking up your leg line too much. If you want more info on cuffing your jeans, then check out this post!

So that does it for this easy spring outfit! Let me know if you’ll be copying this look this season!

Photos by Justine Seidl


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