How to Look Tall in Your Photos (8 Easy Tricks!)

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Top: Madewell (has a very loose fit even in my usual XS, but I love how it looks tucked into my jeans or even tied at the waist. Just be warned that it wrinkles easily, so make sure to steam it before you wear it) | Jeans: Gap (no other jeans fit me quite right. These have a little bit of stretch, which is great because I’m not quite back to my summer bod yet) | Heels: Madewell (I’m wearing an old pair, but here’s the updated version for this summer!)

At just under 5’1″, I think I know a little something about how to make myself look taller. If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve got plenty of tips for dressing in a way that adds a couple inches (check out this post!), but that’s for real life. When it comes to getting your picture taken, it’s a whole other ballgame! The camera can play some crazy tricks on you, but I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to look tall in your photos!

how to look tall in your photosTAKE PHOTOS WITH MOVEMENT

Ever wonder why so many models and bloggers have photos of them crossing the street? That’s because movement makes you look taller! Taking a nice big stride does wonders for lengthening your legs—the wider the better!

how to look tall in your photosGOOD POSTURE IS CRUCIAL

While you should always try to practice good posture, it’s extra important when you’re trying to figure out how to look tall in your photos. Stand up straight and throw your shoulders back. I have a tendency to hunch over a little, so I always have to remind myself to roll my shoulders back for photo shoots.

how to look tall in your photosUSE A LOW CAMERA ANGLE

I don’t know who started the rumor that shooting from above will make you look thinner, but it’s a vicious lie. Shooting from a high angle will actually make you look stumpy! I always ask my photographers to shoot from a lower angle—say, around my waist height or even a little lower.

how to look tall in your photosCROSS YOUR LEGS

This is one of the very first tricks I ever learned when I started blogging! Crossing your legs (and pointing your toes a little) makes you look like you’re super tall. Doing the “tightrope” pose also accomplishes the same thing. I learned that one from the one and only Jean Wang.

how to look tall in your photosSTAND ALONE

If you’re taking a pic with your friends, well, you might want to get a couple of snaps on your own. Posing with your friends or your boo can be a challenge because if you’re short, they’ll just make you look even shorter (unless you happen to be dating a guy who’s the same height as you in heels—been there!).

how to look tall in your photosFILL THE FRAME

If you want to know how to look tall in your photos, this is a very sneaky way to do it! Simply by filling in more of the frame, you’ll appear to be slightly bigger than you really are. Photos with a lot of white space do just the opposite!


Try to get your whole entire bod in the photo. If the frame cuts you off, it has a tendency to make you look stumpy. It’s especially bad if it happens anywhere around or below the waist, so watch out!

how to look tall in your photosPLACE YOUR HAND ABOVE YOUR HEAD

If you really wanna know how to look tall in your photos, this is my favorite little secret. Pretend to adjust your hair or hat for instant height! I mean, you are technically adding extra inches by doing that, so give it a shot next time. Bonus: it’ll make you look so chic!

Forget about the camera adding 10 pounds—us petite ladies need to watch it for the camera taking away inches from our heights! Give these tricks a whirl and let me know how it goes!

Photos by Justine Seidl.


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