4 Petite Raincoats You’ll Want to Wear No Matter the Weather

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You know how I feel about rain? When my dog, Moxie, is confronted with a potty break in nasty weather, she squints her eyes, cowers by my legs for a second, and resignedly tramps outside. That’s essentially the doggy version of my own reaction. I have to give both her and myself a pep talk before we can move forward.

Yeah, rain is nice when you can hunker down with a mug of tea and a good book. You can hear it softly patter against the windows and silently give thanks that you don’t have to be out there. Maybe the sound of the droplets slowly lulls you into a cozy slumber and you curl up in bed, oblivious to the outside world.

But here’s the thing—you always have to go do something in the rain, am I right? There’s always a commute to work, for one thing. Whether you drive or take public transportation (Green Line FTW!), you’re gonna have to brave a couple of moments getting drenched. But why not do it in style? With the right coat, rainy days just aren’t so bad. In fact, these are all so chic that you just might want to wear them every day!



Isn’t this such a pretty color? There’s nothing that says spring more than pastels (okay, maybe florals if you’re Miranda Priestly), and this is a great way to inject a little happiness into a crappy day. I love that it’s long enough to cover your butt, so you don’t have to be a soggy mess when you sit down at your desk. Plus, it’s got bungee cords to keep your waist defined.

J. Crew, $120 (Comes in yellow and navy, too!)


Speaking of cinching your waist, this coat has got you covered! The back has an adjustable tie to make sure your raincoat doesn’t get the best of you. I love this one because like the one before, it’s also long enough to keep you dry, plus it comes in seven (count ‘em!) colors including a poppy red that I’ve got my eye on.

Cole Haan, $129.90 (Comes in 7 colors!)


Now, if you’re really serious about keeping all the rain off (and I bet you are!), this is the coat for you. This ankle-length coat has so much drama, I can hardly stand it. Not only is it extremely glamorous, the fact that it’s so long adds a couple of inches to your height. Much like a monochromatic outfit, long coats create a single column of color, which magically lengthens your whole bod.

Nordstrom, $169.90 (on major sale!!)


No list of raincoats would be complete without a classic trench coat. While I wouldn’t necessarily pull this one out for heavy rainstorms, this is perfect for drizzly days, foggy days, cloudy days…well, for most days, actually! A classic trench like this jazzes up pretty much every outfit, and you can bet that mine is on constant rotation.

Nordstrom, $129.90

After checking out these coats, how are you feeling about rain now? All of these jackets (besides the trench because I already have one) are on my wishlist, and now I’m trying to decide which one I’m going to add to my cart. What about you?

Author: Devinne Stevens