4 Gorgeous Ways to Style a Bandana in Your Hair

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What I’m wearing: Bandana: Madewell, Top: Amazon (sold out, womp womp). Click on any of the links to check them out for yourself!

You know how bandanas are having a moment right now? I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly everyone started rocking colorful knots around their necks, wrists, purses—you name it! Hell, even my dog Moxie sported a pastel kerchief at Easter!

Lest you think I’m knocking this trend, let me assure you that I’m as crazy about it as the next blogger. I vividly recall my mad scarf shopping spree on Madewell one night, and I never looked back. The thing is—and I hate to admit it—bandanas are getting a little stale. Luckily, I have an easy fix. Instead of wrapping them around everything from the neck down, why not use them in your hair?

I started adding my favorite red bandana from Madewell (yep, this same one!) to my ponytails to hide the hair ties, and I loved it so much that I wanted to try some different styles with it. All of these are super easy and can be done in just a couple minutes (in some cases, even seconds!).

Note: Just so you know what I’m working with, I curl my hair after I wash it, and then I simply use dry shampoo for the next couple of days. The day before I’m going to wash it again is when I pull out these styles. My hair is nice and grippy from the dry shampoo, and my curls have settled down enough to be workable.

If you have hair that’s different from mine (read: fine and straight), I would love to know if you tried these styles out and how they worked for you! Leave me a comment below.


All of these styles start with scarf folded in the same way: simply lay it out flat, fold one corner over to the opposite side, and, starting at the point, roll it up. You can make it as narrow or wide as you like. I prefer mine between 1” and 2”.


I love this style when I’m waiting to get my roots touched up because you can easily hide them with the bandana!

1.      Wrap the bandana around your neck (under your hair) with the points facing out.

2.      Bring up the ends and tie them in a knot at the crown of your head.

3.      Optional: tuck in the ends


I can’t help but think about riding a bike with this style. Just imagine the ends flowing in the wind!

1.      Start with your hair in a high ponytail.

2.      Tie the bandana in a simple knot.


When I tried this out, I swear, it was the only style I wanted to wear for days. Top knots are elegant by themselves, but this is something else entirely!

1.      Start with a top knot. I’m using a “donut” under mine, but if your hair is long or thick enough, feel free to go without.

2.      Wrap the bandana around the bun and make “bunny ears” with the ends.

3.      Cross the right loop over the left loop.

4.      Fold what is now the left loop down behind the right loop and through the bottom loop. Pull out the sides to make the bow larger.

5.      Flip it around to the back and tuck in the ends.




I do this one all the time. It’s especially handy if I need to do something with my hair in a rush, particularly right after a shower.

1.      Tie the bandana in a circle and drape it over the crown of your head.

2.      Starting at the front of your head, take 1-2” sections and wrap them over the bandana, pulling the ends back out.

3.      When you get to the back, stuff the rest of your hair into the bandana. You can use bobby pins to secure, but my hair usually stays put.

That’s it! Give these styles a try and let me know how they turned out for you. I’d love to know.

What I’m wearing: Bandana: Madewell, Top: Amazon (sold out, womp womp). Click on any of the links to check them out for yourself!

Author: Devinne Stevens