3 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do While Watching Netflix

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Do you ever get bored when you’re watching The Office (for the fourth time) and feel like you need something to do but you’re also too lazy to get up? This happens to me all the freaking time, and my go-to activity is playing with my hair. Usually I’m absentmindedly attempting a French braid, but I’ve been trying out some other styles that are far easier. These are great for when you want to look like you actually gave a crap about your hair, but it doesn’t detract from your precious relaxation time. Believe me, I know how important that is.

All three of these styles can be done in a matter of minutes, and they don’t require too much concentration. Just so you know what I’m working with, I curl my hair after I wash it, and then I simply use dry shampoo for the next couple of days. The day before I’m going to wash it again is when I pull out these styles. My hair is nice and grippy from the dry shampoo, and my curls have settled down enough to be workable.

If you have hair that’s different from mine (read: fine and straight), I would love to know if you tried these styles out and how they worked for you! Leave me a comment below.



This one is cute for when you’re out and about—very much a weekend style!

1.      Section off your hair at the crown from ear to ear.

2.      Pull your hair through a hair tie once. On the second loop, pull your hair through only halfway. Now take the hair tie and loop it around the bun to keep it tight.

3.      Fan out the sides of the bun.

(By the way, this top is from Topshop!)



Try this one when you’re getting ready to go out. I can’t be the only one who procrastinates getting ready by watching Netflix, right?

Note: this probably looks cuter if you don’t have bangs, but whatevs!

1.      Section off your hair at the crown from ear to ear, then secure with a hair tie.

2.      Make a fishtail braid all the way down and secure with another hair tie (I suggest a small, clear one for this step.)

3.      Tug on the edges to make your braid appear fuller. This is especially important if you have fine hair, or if it’s shorter than what I call “bra length.” (Basically, your hair doesn’t reach the band in the back.)

4.      Wrap your braid around like a normal bun and secure with bobby pins.

By the way, this sweater is from Topshop!


Such a quick, cute look! I do this when I want to look cute but also like I’m not trying too hard.

1.      Divide your hair into two bunches at the nape of the neck.

2.      Twist the right brunch clockwise for a coupla turns.

3.      Now twist it around the other bunch, going counterclockwise.

4.      Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get a rope effect going.

Note: your braid will loosen up once you tie it off.

Easy peasy, right? I love these styles because they take so little effort, but they look really cute. Next time you find yourself getting a little bored (Come on, Jim and Pam, JUST KISS ALREADY), give these a shot!

Author: Devinne Stevens