Why Petite Girls Need This Sweater STAT

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Sweater: Petite Dressing | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Nordstrom | Bag: Everlane

Have you ever had problems finding a sweater that looks right? You know, one that fits you without having sleeves that cover your fingertips and manages to show off a little bit of your figure? I swear, sometimes it feels like I’m just swimming in fabric. Not that that’s so bad for winter. I mean, at least then I want to be cocooned in wool.

But spring? No no no. When it starts getting warmer and I feel like I can sneak out without a jacket, I want a sweater that makes me look good, don’t you? Maybe one that could go with skinny jeans or with a pencil skirt and look all lumpy underneath. If only…

Wait a second. Could it be that I’m describing the sweater I’m wearing right here? Spoiler alert: yes. Yes, I am.

This sweater is from Petite Dressing, which is one of the few brands out there that caters specifically to us short ladies. They have an awesome selection that spans day, night, work, and beyond, and I’m kinda obsessed. It feels so good to know there’s a shop that is all about showcasing clothes that look good on us.

(By the way, the blog on the website is a GOLDMINE so I highly suggest you take a look!)

Now, you’re free to peruse whatever you want, but I want to highly recommend this sweater in particular. I’ve got four (count ‘em) reasons why every petite girl needs this one too!


Boat neck collars are wonderful for petites because it shows off a little extra sliver of your collarbone. Any time you can show off a little skin, do it—it’s so flattering. Along with v-necks, boat neck tops are my favorite for just this reason!


Continuing on with this theme, 3/4 sleeves also do a fabulous job of revealing a little extra. You know how too-long sleeves make you look like a little kid? Well, these sleeves do the opposite. Flashing a lil’ wrist is a great way to flatter your bod up top. Plus, who doesn’t love these bell sleeves?


One of the many, many complaints I’ve had about sweaters in my reviews lately is that they’re all way too baggy. NOT THIS ONE! Finally, a sweater that hugs my bod! This is so important because the more you can show off your figure, the better. When the waist is defined, whether it’s with a belt, a high waist, or a fitted top, it gives the impression that your legs are longer than they are. Win!


I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a top, put it on, and it goes all the way to my knees. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean! This sweater, to get technical, is just over 24” long, which hits me right around the hips. (For reference, I’m almost 5’1”.) I love that because I can either wear it untucked or dip the front into my waistband—it’s just as cute either way!

When you’re looking for a sweater that looks so so good, make sure it checks off at least a couple of these boxes!


Author: Devinne Stevens