5 Summer Staples Every Short Girl Needs

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5 summer staples for petites

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Now that it’s June (when did that happen?!), I’m so excited to break out all my warm-weather clothes. Let’s be honest—this spring kinda sucked, so I had very few chances to sport my sandals and shorts. Thankfully, summer is a very petite-friendly season. Unlike the colder months when long cardigans and chunky layers rule the roost, summer’s all about stripping down (oh yeah) and showing some skin! In a few days, I’ll be posting my capsule wardrobe for summer, but I wanted to share with you my 5 summer staples for petites. These are the most essential pieces that’ll carry you through all the way to Labor Day. Let’s check ’em out!


Contrary to popular opinion, these types of dresses are actually awesome for shorter women! Here’s the secret: midi and maxi dresses create one long column of color, which instantly adds inches to your height. Just be careful on the length—midi skirts should hit either right below the knee or past the “meaty” part of your calf, and maxi dresses should NOT drag on the floor. Read more on how to rock a midi dress right here.



The problem with one-piece swimsuits is that they NEVER FIT THE RIGHT WAY. I actually just bought one and was so disappointed to find that it sagged all around my butt…and it’s not like my butt is that small! Instead, bikinis tend to work so much better on shorter girls. Not only do they fit better, but showing a little extra skin is a great trick for looking taller. I highly recommend high-waisted bottoms—not to hide your tummy, but because they define your waist! Anything that accentuates your waist will make your legs seem longer.



Hands down, this is my favorite out of the five summer staples for petites. Chunky wedge platforms are all the rage, and I couldn’t be happier. I hate wearing heels because they’re so uncomfortable, but I love the way I look in them. Platforms are the best of both worlds. Not only do they give you a boost, but they’re comfy enough to walk around in all day (no joke!).



Stock up your closet with camis, because they will carry you through the entire season! You can wear them with pretty much anything and for every occasion. I have a pale pink one that goes with my shorts and my jeans and my dressy pants and my sweatpants—the possibilities are endless. Plus, they show off your shoulders, and as you know, every little bit of skin counts. Look for camis with adjustable straps and you’re golden!



Like I mentioned above, you can pair your cami with denim shorts! I love high-waisted shorts because they help define your waist. Combine that with the cami and platforms and I swear everyone will think you’re average height 😉 One more plus: if you’re short waisted (meaning your waist is higher than your belly button), high-waisted shorts will help you avoid the dreaded camel toe. Just keep that in mind.


So that’s it for my top 5 summer staples for petites! Let me know which pieces you’ll be wearing all season!

Photos by Jules Kennedy

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