How to Rock a Midi Dress When You’re Short

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Outfit Details | Hat: ASOS (sold out, but check out this and this!) | Earrings: Ettika | Dress: WAYF | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Nordstrom says these run small but I found they were TTS) | Purse: ModCloth (old, but check out this one. Bonus: it’s on sale!!)

Okay, before I start talking about midi dresses (which I promise I’ll get to soon!), can we just admire this adorable little pie shop, first? This is Spilt Milk in Oak Park, and let me tell you, they serve up some of the yummiest slices around. In these photos, you can clearly see I’m really enjoying my apple pie. Like, I was literally bobbing my head around like my dad does when he starts eating dinner. Plus, this place is perfectly Instagrammable. It’s really the best place to show off a flowy white midi dress, isn’t it?

Speaking of midi dresses, they can be a little bit of a challenge when you’re a petite lady. Maybe you have one in your closet that you avoid wearing because you’re not sure how to style it. Or maybe you’ve been admiring them on Pinterest but you held off on buying one because you don’t think it’ll work on your short frame. Don’t worry, girl. I got you covered. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when it comes to rocking a midi dress. (Oh, and for even more midi goodness, check out this post on the rules for wearing midi skirts!)


Because midi dresses are already a little tricky for us petites, it’s not a bad idea to keep your accessories to a minimum. Wear too many and they might overwhelm your frame. Stick with a single statement piece, or pick accessories that are on the delicate side. All I needed to wear was my trusty old black bag, my boater hat, and these fab tassel earrings.


If you really want to lengthen your legs, pick out a pair of shoes that keeps your ankle free. Ankle straps have a tendency to make your legs look stumpy because they cut you off right at (you guessed it) your ankle. However, there are two exceptions to the rule. One: if your shoes are nude, ankle straps will hardly even be visible. Two: if your dress hits below the meaty part of your calf, you should be fine as well. As for me, I’m just gonna go with my trusty Jeffrey Campbell mules and call it a day!

how to rock a midi dress when you're shortV-NECKS AND BARE ARMS ALL THE WAY

Midi dresses with a v-neck and short (or no!) sleeves are perfect for you because they show some skin. When you’re petite, revealing just a little skin is a great way to give the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are. That’s why I love this WAYF dress—it kills two birds with one stone! (By the way, if you’re short-waisted like me, you may want to look into getting the shoulders taken up. I found that the neckline sagged a little for me, but not enough to really bother me!)


Oh man, this one is crucial! If you want to look nice and statuesque (well, as statuesque as a short girl can look!), you want the hem to fall to one of two places: either just past your kneecaps or below the thickest part of your calves. Trust me, having the hem go between those two zones is not a good look. (I know from personal experience.)

Now that you’ve been armed with these four tips, are you totally psyched for midi dresses? I, for one, can’t get enough of ’em. In fact, I actually bought the same exact dress in three colors because I’m that obsessed. Check out some of my favorite midi dresses that I’ve either got hanging in my closet or put on my wishlist:

Photos by Justine Seidl


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