How to Wear a White Tee on Date Night

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What I’m wearing: Tee: Madewell, Pants: Nordstrom, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Bag: Everlane, Earrings: Ettika

A few months ago, I decided to call it quits on all my dating apps: OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, and yes, even Tinder. My dating life was a disaster. I felt this desperate need to constantly go on dates, because if I didn’t, I’d be (gasp!) lonely and single forever. The truth is, though, app dating wasn’t helping my situation. I called it quits on all of them and decided to brave the IRL landscape instead. Now, while I might not have anyone penciled in at the moment, I’ve finally opened my eyes to the guys around me, and I’ve noticed some good-looking faces. And when I finally end up going out on a date with one of them, I’m ready. Enter: the white tee.

It’s not what you’d expect for a date night, is it? A white tee seems so…casual. I’ll let you in on a little secret: if you know what you’re doing, you can doll it up in a way that every other girl at the bar is going to want to copy. All it takes are these five easy tips.

How to Wear a White Tee on Date Night

Go Sleeveless

Sure, you can wear a regular ol’ t-shirt, but going sleeveless ups the ante just a little bit. I love the idea of showing a little skin in a subtle way—there’s something so elegant about revealing a hint of skin here or there. Plus, baring your arms is a wonderful way to help make you look a little taller, which always makes me feel extra confident!

How to Wear a White Tee on Date NightKnot it at the Waist

Now that it’s starting to get warm, I am over tucking anything in. Instead, switch things up by knotting your tee at the waist. It’s flirty and fun, and with a high-waisted skirt or pair of pants, it’s so chic I can hardly stand it. If you’re feeling extra bold, knot it high enough to reveal a tiny sliver of your midsection. Believe me, girl, all eyes will be on you.

How to Wear a White Tee on Date NightPair that White Tee with Heels

This one is crucial. Since you are wearing a white tee, you need to dress it up a little. While there are plenty of cute flats out there, this is a time for something a little extra. Put on some heels—doesn’t matter what color—and get out the door. I’ve got on these nude Vince Camuto kicks to make me look a little taller!

How to Wear a White Tee on Date NightPick a Flowy Bottom

I love the idea of pairing a plain ol’ tee with a feminine bottom, like loose pants (such as the Leith ones I’ve got on that feel like pajamas!!) or an a-line skirt. It’s a great mix of casual and fancy that works so well. I say, go as fussy and frilly as you want here. That white tee will temper anything else you wear and make you look nothing but cool.

How to Wear a White Tee on Date NightPick Bold Accessories

Why not have a little fun with you’re jewelry while you’re at it? Because I’m wearing all neutrals, I picked a tomato-red pouch from Everlane and fringe earrings to give the rest of my look a little oomph. Using some fun accessories is a great way to breath some life into an ensemble anchored by a casual piece!

White tees aren’t just for running errands. If you style them the right way, you can knock ’em dead on date night!

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Author: Devinne Stevens