How to Wear the Same Dress Two Different Ways

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how to wear the same dress two ways chicago petite

Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch | Platform sandals: Marc Fisher (comes in 6 colors!) | Bamboo bag: Vince Camuto (also comes in black!)

I am all about getting as much use out of my closet as I can. Sure, I love shopping as much as the next person, but I also love wearing the same things over and over again (like the stuff in my capsule wardrobes). The idea of wearing something once and then never letting it see the light of day again makes me sad. It’s like telling your clothes, “I fell hard for you at the beginning, but I don’t love you anymore.” I’ll admit, though, that wearing the exact same outfit can get a little stale, but I’ve come up with lots of tricks for mixing up my favorite pieces in new ways. It’s kinda like magic. Take this dress for instance. I wore it in this post, and I couldn’t resist wearing it again! Here’s a few ideas for how to wear the same dress two ways:


This is the quickest, easiest way to give your whole outfit an update. You can wear the same exact dress, shoes, and jewelry but look completely different if you just switch up your ‘do. In this case, I switched from curls to loose waves. Not a huge difference, but it still shakes things up a little. Try leaving your hair down one time and then putting it up in a topknot the next.

how to wear the same dress two ways chicago petite

how to wear the same dress two ways chicago petite


In Outfit 1, to give it a more casual vibe, I matched up this dress with a simple bamboo handbag. It’s cute but not fancy, so it’s perfect for toting around. For Outfit 2, though, I’m sporting my trusty reversible clutch. There’s something about carrying a clutch that makes an outfit special-occasion-worthy. I’d have no hesitation wearing Outfit 2 to a shower or even a casual wedding.


If you want to know how to wear the same dress, this makes the biggest impact when you’re looking to change up your outfit. In Outfit 1, I’ve got my trusty platforms on, which screams WEEKEND!! (Doesn’t it? Am I crazy?) For Outfit 2, though, I’m rocking an old pair of Seychelles heels that gives me all the vintage feels. Even without a different hairstyle or bag, I think the shoes alone would be enough to breathe fresh air into this dress!

how to wear the same dress two ways chicago petite


While I didn’t do that here, choosing different jewelry is another great way to wear the same dress two ways. Here, I’d probably rock a pair of fringe earrings in Outfit 1 and select more delicate, ladylike jewelry for Outfit 2—like a simple pendant or stud earrings. It’s a little thing, but it could go a long way!

So that’s how to wear the same dress two ways! Let me know if you’re also an outfit repeater!

how to wear the same dress two ways chicago petitePhotos by Nicole Jansma

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