5 Pairs of Shoes Every Petite Girl Needs

5 pairs of shoes every petite girl needs chicago petiteCami: Nordstrom XS (comes in 3 colors!!) | Shorts: Madewell 27 (DEFINITELY size down) | Wedges: Marc Fisher 6 (comes in 6 colors!!) | Bandana: Madewell (comes in 9 colors!!)| Leather Bag: Madewell (comes in 3 colors!!)

My shoe situation is a little messy, to say the least. Though I pride myself on Marie Kondo levels of organization throughout the rest of my closet, my shoes are my weak spot. There are pairs covered in an inch of dust that I can’t bear to donate because what if I need them someday? The thing is, there are really only 5 pairs that I wear on a regular basis. These are the workhorses, the ones that make me look good day in and day out. Since they’re so important, I thought I’d share them with you: the top 5 pairs of shoes every petite girl needs!


I am SO GLAD these are back in style, because they light up my life. Not only do they add serious height, but they’re extremely comfortable. I’ve worn mine all day with nary an ache. If you only get one pair, I suggest going for a neutral (like this cognac pair) so you can match them up with anything.


I’ll admit it: I seldom wear heels. I don’t wear them to work or even when I’m going out. (Sometimes they come out for a special occasion or a first date.) The thing is, there’s no denying they look good. When I’m wearing heels, I feel invincible…well, until they start hurting. A solid pair in a neutral (mine are black) will serve you well.


I love me a good ballet flat, but most of them have a rounded toe that doesn’t do short girls any favors. Instead, one of the pairs of shoes every petite girl needs is a flat with a pointy toe. Don’t worry about them making your feet look bigger—they actually just make your legs look longer! Slip ’em on and step out, my friend.

5 pairs of shoes every petite girl needs chicago petite4. NUDE SHOES

Nude shoes are the holy grail of petite footwear. I’ve put on so many outfits that made me feel frumpy, but as soon as I slip on a pair of nudies, it’s a completely different story. Because they blend in with your skintone, they make your legs look insanely long. How ’bout this triple threat: nude pointy toe heels. (Say yes, girl!)

5 pairs of shoes every petite girl needs chicago petite5. LOW ANKLE BOOTIES

And I’m not talking about the heel. You gotta get yourself a pair of booties that doesn’t cover half your shin. I love pairs that hit at or just above the ankle.

So that’s it—the 5 pairs of shoes every petite girl needs! Which ones are already in your closet?

5 pairs of shoes every petite girl needs chicago petitePhotos by Justine Seidl

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